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Media Feed Screen Saver v0.1

I love photography and I love my photoblog ;-)

Last month, I tried to find on Internet a Windows screen saver that could download my photoblog’s RSS feed and display the last pictures in a slideshow way but I couldn’t find one. Since my RSS 2.0 feed contains <media:content> tags (like the feeds from Flickr), I decided to build one from scratch.

And voilĂ  ! I did it ! … moreover, anybody can download it and use it for free, with any feed !  Screenshot Media Feed Screensaver

Features :

  • compatible with any RSS 2.0 feeds embedding images through <media:content> or <enclosure> tags (thus compatible with any Flickr feed)
  • RSS feeds and images are refreshed in background
  • supports caching (minimizes your Internet bandwidth usage)
  • displays pictures full screen with (or without) their title
  • supports GIF/BMP/JPEG/PNG/TIFF image formats
  • fully configurable… feed URL, feed refresh interval, slideshow interval, background color, text color…
  • C# source code and projects available (distributed under the GPL license)

Requirements :

  • A computer running Windows 2000 or XP (I don’t know if it works under Windows 95/98/Me) with .NET 2.0 Framework (if this component is not installed, the installer will do it)

Links :